Working Student

Woking student scholarship is to help the student who has financial problem. The University gives them the opportunity to work so that they can continue their study.

Fabrice Marolahy

Third year in Theology

Francky R. Nomenjanahary

Third year in Theology

Geodicia A. Vavizafiherinirigny

Third year in Language

Maminiaina D. H. Rijanirina

Third year in Theology

Naomy M. Mamiharisoa

Third year in INSY

Obadia T. Manampiarisoa​

Third year in Theology


Second year in Theology

Samira Y. Fanjanirina

Second year in Business

Santatra Y. Herinandrianina

Second year in Business

Toky Randriamiasimbola

Third year in Theology

Xavier Bekamisy

Third year in Theology

Zo H. Ramarohisandratana

Third year in Theology

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Graduated students Testimonies

I am so grateful to UAZ for giving me the chance to work to support my study, It was not easy to work and study at the same time, however, I could finishi my study


I praise the Lord for the opportunity He gave me during my study at UAZ. I know that I would not finished my study without the working student. Big thanks to UAZ for leting me working.​