Every academic year, new faces of volunteers from Madagascar and abroad come to the campus of UAZ.  Their service and involvement with UAZ builds capacity within the institution, as well as the communities living in the nearby villages.  The volunteers support our academic team in teaching and tutoring. They also help with supporting services, for example the library and IT departments. Volunteers can serve on a short-term project or come for the full academic year.  The volunteers are encouraged to become involved in extramural activities on the campus, with the church and the surrounding communities.

Mme Hanitrinifomba

Graduated in 2016, Mrs Hanitrinifomba serves UAZ as librarian. Despite the heavy responsibilities as mother, she committed her time and her energy to maintain the order, silence as well as the disciplines in the library.


Mr Lova, volunteer from Madagasca join the High-school LPAJR.He is working as Maths and sciences teacher.Thanks for your willing to serve and for your hard work.

Louis Hank

Volunteer from South-Africa, Hank remarkable for his creativity in calligraphy, drawing help the students to learn English language, speaking and writing; as well as in the personal


Lovaniaina is a local volunteers who came to join the High-school LPAJR. She is working as the secretary in the office as well as preceptor of the girl's bungalow.

Joy Hank

From South-Africa, Joy Hank came voluntering at UAZ. She is the director of the cafeteria, in addition she offers tutoring courses for the students in preparatory classes. Thanks for your willing to serve.


His natal country: Peru. He traveled about 14 000km to finally get in Madagascar. He is graduated from the Peruvian Union University an Adventist Institution. His willing to serve pushed him to come to UAZ supporting the IT departement.Thank you Milton for your willing to help.

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