Stories and Testimonies

Aidia Tafitasoa

My name is Aidia TAFITASOA.  I was born on January 8th, 1995 in a little village named, “Ambalavao”, where I lived during my childhood.  Now I live at Vohitsoa, not far from UAZ.

I completed high school in 2013 at LPJR, a school which was not far from where I lived in Vohitsoa.     ( I had studied there for seven years.)   After I finished school, I decided to continue on to tertiary education and chose to enrol at Université Adventiste Zurcher in Sambaina.

In November, the start of the new academic year of 2013, I registered at UAZ, and started my studies.  Because I wanted to become an English teacher, I enrolled in the English language faculty. During the first two years of my academic program, I studied the English language.  For my third and final year, I studied Education.  Because most of my teachers were foreigners, I faced many challenges during my studies.

I completed my studies after three years at the University, and graduated in August 2016. After graduating from my studies, I started to look for work and found a position at a high school in Ambohibary where I taught courses in both English and Malagasy.  After working there for just one year, I accepted work as an English teacher here in the High school at UAZ for 2017-2018.  But for the school year, 2018-2019, I am teaching French in this same school.

When I was in primary school, I decided I would like to become a teacher.  That is why I enrolled at the University to study English and Education.  Today I am a teacher.  May the glory be to God.  I enjoy my job and I always try to do my best as I commit myself, each day, into God’s hand.