on going projects


 UAZ currently connects to the Internet via 2 microwave antennas which each receive 2MBs of bandwidth from the provider. Each antenna with its server is located in a different part of the campus to facilitate cabling and WiFi connections to the users. It should be obvious that the bandwidth and present network are inadequate to serve an expanding academic community spread across our extensive campus.


The next project is deploy a fibre optic cable network across our campus which will allow for a very much faster and broader Internet access for all users,  from Administration to Education and Research, reaching offices, classrooms, the library, maintenance buildings and residences.  Such an upgrade will facilitate and promote research among our students.


The UAZ campus is connected to the electricity power grid operated by JIRAMA, but the demand now exceeds the rated capacity of the connection.  The recent and anticipated growth and proposed new building construction will require a new substation to maintain an adequate supply. The University has requested a new substation with sufficient capacity to supply the needs of the campus. Negotiations with the power supply company have been initiated but might take 2 – 3 years for final resolution.

Biogas project ADRA

At present, the cafeteria relies on charcoal and wood fired equipment for the kitchen. By providing a biogas system, the university will be able to save precious trees.  Utilising organic waste to create Biogas, will result in greater efficiency in both time and labour. The Biogas Project will also promote UAZ as a  university which supports care of the environment.

Meco concept bricks

Several students are still finding it difficult to pay their tuition fees. The University has decided to create a new project which is to produce Meco Bricks.  The manufacture and sale of these Meco Bricks will assist students, in particular Theology students, towards payment of their tuition fees.


Finding enough clean water for the UAZ campus is a daily challenge for the university. Attempts to modify the existing infrastructure will not solve the problem. Professional consultation will be required to select a site from which to draw water and to design an appropriate reticulation system. The actual upgrading of the present system with its water tank and plumbing will then be required.


Students need meals which are tasty, well balanced and nutritious, in order to help them attain their full potential both academically and physically. The University has a project to offer healthier foods which will increase a student’s inherent capabilities.

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The VOLUNTEERS HOUSE PROJECT has been completed. Thank you to all those who supported this project, enabling us to complete the volunteers house.

We greatly appreciate your kindness and generosity in support of our ministry at University Adventiste Zurcher.