Université Adventiste Zurcher is committed to Christian teachings and values as understood by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. God is perceived as the Creator and ultimate source of knowledge and meaning. True education is defined as the harmonious development of the intellectual, spiritual, social, and physical aspects of human nature.


Université Adventiste Zurcher, a Seventh-day Adventist Christian institution, prepares its students to be transformational leaders by desiring knowledge and hungering for God’s heart.


"Preparing tomorrow’s leaders today".

1. Spiritual Objectives

The Université Adventiste Zurcher (UAZ) strives to emphasize the importance of religion in the personal lives of their students. UAZ endeavors to make religion – worship, faith, and personal participation –  an integrated and unifying force in learning; to teach and encourage understanding of Christian doctrine and practices as believed and taught by Seventh-day Adventist Church; to promote understanding and respect for those of other persuasions; and to inspire commitment to our Christian mission.

2. Intellectual Objectives

The Université Adventiste Zurcher seeks to provide a God-centered liberal and professional education along with teaching and learning of the highest quality. Therefore, UAZ endeavors to recruit and retain well-qualified faculty and staff who are dedicated to teaching and advising, and are willing to spend time with the students both in and out of class.

3. Occupational Objectives

The Université Adventiste Zurcher endeavors to lead students to appreciate both the value and the dignity of labor and requires every student to participate in the work program of the school.

 4. Aesthetic Objectives

The Université Adventiste Zurcher endeavors to foster an appreciation of natural beauty as a portrayal of God’s activity in the world. Thus it seeks to develop in its students, aesthetic values such as appreciation of variety, regard for proportion, and sensitivity to both harmony and creativity. Attention is given to the relation of the arts to human emotions and attitudes, to religion and spiritual values. Creative abilities in man are regarded as gifts from the original Creator that contribute profoundly to an harmonious development when exercised intelligently.

5. Physical Objectives

One of the objectives of Université Adventiste Zurcher, as a Christian institution, is to help students to understand the principles governing the function, needs, and proper care of the body. The school seeks to establish in each student a consistent observance of habits and practices which will foster their maximum vitality and health.

6. Social Objectives

The social programs of Université Adventiste Zurcher  have the intention of guiding the students in the development of those principles which will find ready acceptance in the sound social order within their respective home countries and which will lead them to a profitable participation in this social life. The University seeks to encourage students to develop an understanding of, and to consistently practice the approved social graces in their respective countries.

7. Civic Objectives

While stressing that the student’s foremost and highest allegiance belongs to the spiritual kingdom of Christ, Université Adventiste Zurcher endeavors to give the students an intelligent understanding of the principles of government and to develop in them a willingness to accept the responsibilities and privileges of citizenship, and further, that they should recognize the constitutional rights of other individuals and social groups along with an understanding of the leading domestic and international issues of their times. A sincere love for each homeland and its foundational principles, as viewed in the light of the Holy Scriptures, should be developed in each student.

In order to reach and maintain its preferred future, and in the context of its mission Université Adventiste Zurcher (UAZ) will be guided by seven strategic pillars.

  1. Quality

UAZ will seek to provide exemplary education and services to its student body, so that those graduating will be highly skilled and possess the knowledge, attitudes and values that are most appreciated by employers, as well as by graduate schools. In assuring this quality, the University will model a learning community that is accountable and will nurture a culture of assessment that will drive planning decisions.

      2. Hungering for God’s heart

As a Seventh-day Adventist University, UAZ will engage its faculty, staff and students to hunger after God’s heart thus searching, renewing and growing in their understanding of the foundational role of Scripture in their personal and academic faith journey.

  1. Service

UAZ wants each employee, student and alumnus to be known as a person engaged in a life of service. Through its academic and extra-curricular programming, the University will encourage the development of lifelong attitudes of compassion and care. In its priorities, the University will model a community where service to others is vital to its operation.

  1. Leadership

At UAZ, curriculum opportunities and extra-curricular programming will emphasize the University’s focus on developing service-minded leaders who can transform the world. The University has and will provide leaders for the Indian Ocean Union. It will also actively develop skills and attitudes that will help position graduates as potential leaders in their communities and workplace.

  1. Family

UAZ places a high value on the family. Its residential expectations of students are designed to build a sense of belonging. The University will embrace as its family, the various constituencies impacted by its presence, including its alumni, the church and the local community.

  1. Growth

UAZ is a growing institution. Its successful future requires effective management of that growth. Program expansion demands a campus where there is growth in facilities, while the University continues to see as its primary responsibility, the growth of its students: academically, physically and spiritually.

  1. Financial Sustainability

Financial sustainability at UAZ is a priority. Finding financial partners will help produce a healthy financial milieu. Such an environment will promote the fulfillment of institutional strategies and goals. Further, it will reinvigorate the physical environment and innovation in planning.

Université Adventiste Zurcher traces its beginnings to 1995. In 1998 UAZ was relocated from the capital to a beautiful 200-hectare property, right on the National Highway between Antananarivo and Antsirabe.

Construction on the new campus began in July 1998 and continued until March 1999. On March 25, 1999, construction was sufficiently advanced to allow students and personnel to begin classes.

At present, the University has seven faculties including Theology, Business, Computer Science, Education, Health Sciences, Communication and English. There is also a Language Institute offering English and French.

UAZ offers academic programs leading to a Bachelor of Theology (BTh), a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with majors in Finance & Accounting and in Management, a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems (BSIS), a Bachelor of Education (BEd), a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)with majors in Midwifery and in General Nursing, a Bachelor of Communication (BA) with majors in Corporate Communication and Media Studies & Journalism, and a Bachelor of English language (BA) with majors in Social Linguistics and Translation.

Université Adventiste Zurcher is accredited with the Adventist International Accrediting Association.

In addition, the Malagasy government has given recognition to the Business program
(Habilitation du MESupRES):  Licence en Gestion – Option Management des Affaires (BBA), Licence en Gestion – Option Finance et Comptabilité (BBA), from the Ministry of Higher Education Arrêté No 11.118/2012-MESupRES du 03 Juillet 2012. 

The Nursing program: Licence en Sciences Infirmiers – Option Infirmerie (BSN), Licence en Sciences Infirmiers – Option Sage-femme (BSN), recognition from the Ministry of Higher Education (Habilitation du MESupRES): Arrêté No 21.628/2012-MESupRES du 09 Août 2012. 

The University has submitted the documents for getting the “Habilitation” for the programs of Computer science, English, Education, Theology and Communication programs and is waiting for the approval from the Ministry of Higher Education.


Family – at UAZ we work as a family where fihavanana bonds the family and where each person is considered a brother or sister and God is our Father

God’s heart – at UAZ we value the potential in others and treat people as God would treat us and we see ourselves as stewards of what God entrust to us.

Transformation – at UAZ we seek to be agents of transformation and trainers of agents of transformation

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