The institution has both short and long term projects to facilitate continued growth. Current focus includes the construction of classrooms, dormitories and general upgrading of infrastructure.


Qualified persons who can support our academic team in teaching and tutoring are especially welcome. This does not, however, exclude others who feel that they can also assist this institution in a meaningful way.

Stories and Testimonies

The experiences of each individual are unique. As one reflects on the lives of those who have either lived on, or are still living on, this campus, one is reminded of some extraordinary stories and rich blessings about which both volunteers and students can testify.

Support & Donate

It is our mission to serve Madagascar and some of the neighbouring countries. The institution’s resources are, however, limited and are insufficient to accomplish all that needs to be done. Your support and donations will greatly improve the scope and quality of the service rendered.

Université Adventiste Zurcher

Welcome to UAZ, a Christian institution, which
prepares its students to become transformational
leaders while seeking knowledge of, and a close relationship with God. While it is located on the
Island of Madagascar, the students and faculty
form a multicultural family representing many
different countries.

About Madagascar

Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world.
It is located off the southeast coast of Africa.
It has a wealth of natural resources including a varied environment and the well-known,
widely-acclaimed, unique wildlife.  All of which support an extensive tourist industry.